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FreeCiv 2.1.6

Postée par Gorn, modérée le Tuesday 12 August 2008 à 23:32 par tito
Freeciv, le jeu de stratégie au tour par tour dans lequel chacun des joueurs devient le chef d'une civilisation, vient de sortir en version 2.1.6.

Les corrections de nombreux bugs et l'ajout d'une nouvelle traduction sont au programme de cette version.

ChangeLog (anglais) :
  • Updates to bootstrap. (PR#40268, PR#40275, PR#40287, PR#40301, PR#40345, PR#40391, PR#40416)
  • Fixed compile warnings. (PR#40265, PR#40281, PR#40366)
  • Fixed bug that AI tried to get unreachable techs from treaty. (PR#38372)
  • Made only human players count toward minplayers. (PR#40206)
  • Set minimum number of human players to 0. (PR#40288)
  • Use Mysql port information from authentication config file. (PR#40293)
  • Refresh cities after shared vision gained from another player. (PR#40262)
  • Make message about paratrooper dying on paradrop more likely to appear to user. (PR#40295)
  • Handle empty http_proxy environment variable correctly. (PR#16526)
  • Fixed global observer crash in GTK2 connection dialog. (PR#40303)
  • Fixed lables and sensitivity of button in GTK2 connection dialog. (PR#40234)
  • Fixed the "non-blocking socket operation could not be completed immediately" bug. (PR#40297)
  • Fixed crash when continents are renumbered. (PR#39472)
  • Go straight to the network page when autoconnecting to a server that needs a password. (PR#38354)
  • Don't reset the wrong player name when a player is /cut in pregame. (PR#39503)
  • Show total buy cost for selected cities in the city report. (PR#40291)
  • Fixed visual corruption in flag images. (PR#40246)
  • Separated mandatory and optional capabilities in the capstring for GGZ. (PR#40308)
  • Fixed printing of obsolete wonders. (PR#39982)
  • Fixed bug that prevented building Hydro Plant in city placed on one tile river. (PR#40347)
  • Fixed GGZ handlers for error and spectator events. (PR#40357)
  • Disabled hack challenge when in GGZ mode. (PR#40311)
  • Improved memory handling in warmap queue. (PR#40352)
  • Do not mark buildings redundant when they allow building of unit. (PR#40359)
  • Fixed crash when loading saved game when tech leakage is enabled. (PR#40027)
  • Fixed potential problems when city starves. (PR#40367)
  • Made the internal server store savegames in the user's home directory on Windows. (PR#40341)
  • Fixed city report size calculations. (PR#40328)
  • Added ggz-style savegame support. (PR#40317)
  • Fixed crash in the SDL worklist dialog. (PR#40378)
  • Fixed /take assert when all player slots are in use. (PR#40354)
  • Fixed error message about illegal auth port parameter. (PR#40385)
  • Fixed client crash in the end of turn in altering movement mode. (PR#40384)
  • Fixed changing of specialists at resolutions higher than 640x480 in SDL client. (PR#40387)
  • Fixed bug causing false tax rate exceeded messages. (PR#40389)
  • Already built great wonders show "never" instead of "1" for turns-to-build. (PR#40382)
  • Added Esperanto translation.

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